MayerIT Cloud Backup

Backup your critical files to the Cloud

With our MayerIT Cloud Backup solution, your files will be safely transmitted and stored in multiple Tier 1 facilities on a nightly basis and available for fast file level restoration. As part of this package, a test file restore is performed on a monthly basis. Pricing is calculated in terms of Gigabytes being backed up and can fluctuate with the addition/deletion of data. We have estimated the amount of Gigabytes you require however this may fluctuate from time to time depending on the actual needs. There are no license or setup fees.

Backup all your files to a separate external drive

As part of our comprehensive backup solution, we implement a local backup of ALL your files to ensure non-critical files can be restored if and when necessary.

Not what you're looking for?

Below is a list of our Managed/Hosted Solutions

MayerIT's hosted solutions will help you reduce IT costs, provide scalability for your systems, provide you with flexibility to work from anywhere, allow for redundant cloud backup (included disaster recovery solution), and provide you with a consolidated help desk to assist with all issues.

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